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About Joe Savage | Joe Savage


I am the director of the Center for Leadership at the University of Mobile along with a national grass roots effort to transform America called the twelve23 movement (www.twelve23.org). Check out the link, as this movement might be something you want to be part of.

I also regularly have the honor to speak to corporate, educational, and church leaders. This is one of my favorite joys as I love helping people reach new heights.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on “problem solving leadership” because every leader MUST be a “problem solver.” Think about it. A person becomes a leader when they either: 1) have the ability to solve other people’s problems or 2) other people think they can solve their problems. There are no exceptions to this truth.

I write about leadership as it relates to personal, church, community, or national concerns. My goal is to provide practical content  that you can put to work in your personal and professional life. I hope that my words and the comments of others will empower us toward becoming the transformational leaders that I know we can become and that I know our great nation needs.


Personal Bio

For more than twenty years I have worked with leaders from a wide variety of fields. I have learned much from these leaders – some good and some not so good. Each has shaped my thoughts and philisophies, particularly as it pertains to leadership.

The journey began in my childhood home where my grandparents and parents owned and operated a small family business for 53 years. It was here that I learned the value of family, hard work, determination, stewardship, fairness, decision making, hiring, firing, and faith. From the time I was a young child until I had graduated college, I spent my summers and other times working at our store. The most important aspect of life that I learned is the value of the individual relationship.

I have had an amazingly diverse life. I have worked and traveled in fifteen or so nations on three continents primarily speaking, working with orphans, helping the poor, and leading large outreach type events.

I have lived in Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. I have sat with some of the wealthiest people in the world and some of the poorest people in the world. I have directly been involved and/or spoken to a  incredibly broad array of people: From enginner types at NASA to company employees at Aflac; from at-risk teenagers living in America’s inner cities to gypsies in the villages of Romania; from communists leaders in the former Soviet Union to businessmen in Mexico; from executives and coaches in the National Football League to juvenile deliquents in maximum secured detention facilties; from principals and superintedents in public schools to pastors and missionaries from numerous church denominations. Overall, I have had the privilege of speaking to more than 1,800 audiences that consisted of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

I have led my own non-profit organization for almost twenty years now. Most of our work has been in helping individuals use their platforms of influence to help others in need. For several years, I wrote the most read devotion in all of professional sports while ministering to more than 200 NFL executives, coaches, and scouts. In 2001, my brother Phil Savage (who is currently with the Philadelphia Eagles) led members of the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens on a mission project to Mexico. ESPN called the project a “Vacation with a Purpose.” In the past three years my organization has had the participation of more than 200 businesses, churches, and organizations in bringing assistance to those in need. Some of the more notable entities are Tyson Foods, Convoy of Hope, the Under Armour Senior Bowl, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Ohio National Guard, Integrity Music, Mobile Bay Bears, United Way, and others. Through these partnerships we have been able to assist thousands of people including the nation’s poor and the victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

In addition to live speaking events, writing has become a passion of mine. My newest book, “We Forgot” was released in October 2011. If desired, you can order any of my books through this site.

After living all over the country the past sixteen years, it is good to be back on the Gulf Coast. To me, the Gulf Coast has some of the greatest people in the world!